Review of Hermitage Cafe’s Cheeseburger Poor Boy

After writing some cheeseburger reviews on my criminal law blog , I thought I would start my own Nashville food and wine blog. The blog will cover cocktails and whatever strikes my fancy. So , here is my first post . I will migrate my older posts from another blog to this site in the future.

My first blog post is on one of my favorite diners in Nashville . The Hermitage Cafe is on North First Street near downtown. A host of characters enjoy the food from the weekend patrons of Nashville’s lower broad night life to those just wanting some solid food.

The cheeseburger poor boy is a must have at the Hermitage. First , some Texas Toast is put on the flat top and grilled just right. It is a perfect frame  for the poor boy. The bread provides a sturdy foundation for what comes next. A hamburger steak goes on next with cheese, onion , tomato ,and lettuce with pickles on the side . I like mine with a fried egg over hard to give it a little more protein and flavor. Now it comes with mustard and ketchup.I opt out of those condiments. I go with the mayo.For some reason hamburgers in Nashville are served with mustard and cheeseburgers get the mayo treatment. I have never figured out why . With the Texas Toast and the meat , it is sometimes tough to get it in your mouth in one bite.

The cheeseburger poor boy is four stars award winner.

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